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A statement today from State Representative Burt Solomons (R- Carrollton), chair of the House redistricting committee:

"In the event that meaningful changes are not made, the Speaker’s Office has requested that the State of Texas, through the Attorney General’s Office, ask the Supreme Court of the United States to stay the interim order and to clarify several questions about the scope of the Voting Rights Act and the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment prior to elections being conducted under temporary district lines. This stay would seek clarification on the issues of coalition districts, the proper population deviation between state legislative districts, when the Voting Rights Act trumps the “county line rule,” as well as how a court should define the term “performing” minority district. Although a successful motion to stay the interim order would delay the date upon which the primary elections are held, we believe that conducting elections under the three-judge panel’s interim lines will cause even more disruption in the 2013 Session and the 2014 elections.”