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The Quesada plaintiffs filed an advisory this afternoon with the San Antonio court, explaining why they feel CD-33 as drawn in their interim congressional map - Plan C234 - would be preferable to the version of the district included in the State of Texas’ and the Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force’s compromise Plan C226.

The Quesada plaintiffs told the court their objections to CD-33 in Plan C226 centered around what they said were the “significantly contorted boundaries and many precinct splits that appeared designed to capture Latino blocks and precincts while specifically excluding African-American blocks and precincts.” As a result, they said in just a handful of neighborhoods in Tarrant County “nearly 50,000 African-American who would more naturally be included in a new congressional district designed to repair illegal fracturing of minority neighborhoods are instead left stranded in Anglo-controlled Republican districts.”

They also told the court that their plan was preferable because it used as its base three Hispanic ability to elect state house districts (HD 90, 103, and 104) and one African-American state house district (HD 95) and thus was “a logical combination of established and growing minority communities with a shared community of interest.”

They said that Plan C234 also addressed concerns of the Latino Task Force that an earlier Quesada proposal (Plan C231) had a larger Anglo than Hispanic citizen voting age population, explaining that in the new Plan C234 the Hispanic CVAP was 35.2% compared with an Anglo CVAP of 34.2% and an African-American CVAP of 21.5%.

The advisory can be found here.

Plan C234 can be found here.

Plan C226 can be found here.