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The Republican Party of Texas’ rule changes for 2012, as passed yesterday by the State Republican Executive Committee, can be found here.

The party’s recap of the meeting and the amendments considered and rejected can be found here.

As explained in the update, the adopted rules differ from the proposed rules in two main respects:

The first significant amendment to be debated was one proposed by SREC member Tom Washington, and presented by SREC member Jason Moore. This amendment unbound the delegates to the RNC National Convention after the first ballot. This amendment passed overwhelmingly. This will make Texas a much bigger player on the national stage in the event that there is a brokered convention in Tampa, FL this August, as we have the second largest delegation with 155 delegates and all of the delegates will be up for grabs on the second ballot.

There was also an amendment to the proposed rules that transferred the responsibility of assigning delegates’ first-ballot votes to specific Presidential candidates based on the percentage of the statewide vote total, from the State Chairman to the Nominations Committee at the State Convention. This rules change was made as a result of Tarrant County Republican activist Bill Eastland pointing out that an argument could be made that delegates could not be bound unless there is action by the State Convention or the SREC.

The SREC elected not to move to a winner-take-all primary.