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The State of Texas filed an advisory with Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos this afternoon asking Judge Ramos to move the start of trial in the voter ID case from September 2, 2014 to March 2015.

The state said that a September 2014 trial date would cause “logistical difficulties” and would have a “significant impact … on the ability of the Secretary of State and county election officials to conduct an orderly election in November 2014.” The state also said a voter ID ruling before the November election could “set[] the stage for possible unnecessary and avoidable voter confusion and disruption at the polling place.”

The advisory told the court that, among other things, a September trial date would interfere with the printing of election training and explanatory materials, which the state said had to be “at the printers by approximately August 15 for an upcoming November election.”

The advisory also said:

If the State were forced to alter or even un-implement a voting law after providing election materials and substantial training, the likely result is unnecessary and avoidable confusion at the polling place. Attempting to re-educate poll workers (most of whom are volunteers) on such a short timetable is simply not feasible, and the result would likely include confusion, delay, and possibly even inconsistent enforcement of Texas’ election laws.

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